Rivals (Hard Cover)

Posted on Oct 9, 2016 in News

RIVALS: More about Fitchburg-Leominster Football Tradition from 1894 through 2015. “For a team to win a major contest it must be mentally ripe. It must be confident that its best performance will produce victor, but anything less will encourage defeat.” In 2008, author Mark C. Bodanza realized the highly successful book, A Game That Forged Rivals: How Competition Between Two New England High Schools Created One of the Greatest Traditions in Football. In Rivals, Bodanza provides an expansive sequel that contains never-before-published scoring summaries, statistics, and notes for all the years of “The Rivalry.” Rivals is a must-have collector’s item for all who love and cherish the Fitchburg-Leominster football tradition. Order your Autographed Copy today! BUY NOW for $26.95 + 3.00...

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Ten Times a Champion (Hard Cover)

Posted on Feb 22, 2016 in News

Sam Jones spent his boyhood in a small city tucked away in the segregated south. In many ways, it was the most unlikely of settings for the start of a professional sports career marked by a rare kind of success. Guided by humble beginnings and values that included hard work, maturity, and respect, Sam soon discovered how much those early preparations would mean in the future as he entered college and set out on a trajectory that would eventually intersect with the Boston Celtics and produce astounding results. Order your Autographed Copy today! BUY NOW...

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Leominster Chronicles (Hard Cover)

Posted on Feb 2, 2016 in News

In forty-two fascinating stories and more than eighty photos, Leominster Chronicles, captures the people, places and events that have made the City of Leominster, Massachusetts a special place. Officially incorporated on July 4, 1740, today Leominster is Worcester County’s second largest city with a population of more than 40,000. Since it’s founding, Leominster has been home to many colorful and important historic figures. From abolitionist Frances Drake to John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed and dime-store novelist Buckskin Sam, Leominster citizens have been dreamers and doers. Leominster’s industries revolutionized the American landscape. From a fledgling comb industry, Leominster’s plastic pioneers helped change humankind and earn the city it’s nicknames, “Comb City” and the “Plastic Capital.   Order your Autographed Copy today! BUY NOW...

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Resolve and Rescue (Hard Cover)

Posted on May 3, 2014 in News

Resolve and Rescue: The life story of Frances Drake, her conviction and courage displaying a timeless example of promoting justice and equality (Hard Cover, Autographed Edition) Where Frances Drake saw injustice, she tried to right it, and where freedom was denied, she fought to secure it. In Resolve and Rescue, author and historian Mark C. Bodanza explores the life of this Massachusetts woman who took up the cause of the slave early in the antislavery movement. He shows how, in an age dominated by men, Drake never allowed the disadvantages suffered by her gender to impede the great object of her work, the end of slavery in America. Resolve and Rescue narrates the story of this woman, born in 1814, who had an uncommon energy. She toiled for more than two decades to end slavery in ways great and small, including the promotion of some of the greatest speakers of the abolition movement. Her efforts were not limited to speeches or theory, but she publicly participated in the rescue of many fugitive slaves, including the first test case in New England under the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850; Bodanza also demonstrates that her fight wasn’t limited to ending slavery, as she worked tirelessly for racial equality and women’s rights. Resolve and Rescue shares the life story of Frances Drake, her conviction and courage displaying a timeless example of promoting justice and equality. Order your Autographed Copy today! BUY NOW...

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Make It Count (Hard Cover)

Posted on Jun 28, 2013 in News

The Life and Times of Basketball Great JoJo White with the autographs of both JoJo White and Mark Bodanza. Make It Count, from historian and trial lawyer Mark C. Bodanza, narrates the compelling chronicle of a sports career complete with drama, triumphs, and losses, as well as an affirmation that hard work has its reward. In life, as in basketball, JoJo White’s approach to each opportunity that a new day presents has always been the same: make it count. White’s story is interwoven with ours as a nation. His basketball days were shaped by-and in a few cases, helped shape-events of monumental importance. Race relations, the war in Vietnam, and political tumult across the land punctuated White’s years as both a Kansas Jayhawk and Boston Celtic. Bodanza shows how, through his years on the court, the point guard from St. Louis, Missouri, maintained a steady contribution to the game that became his passion while still a child. With each passing game, season, or team that formed a part of his playing days, White stayed true to principles learned before he donned his first high-school uniform. Order your copy of Make It Count: The Life and Times of Basketball Great JoJo White (Hard Cover, Autographed Edition) today! BUY NOW...

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1933 (Hard Cover)

Posted on Sep 30, 2010 in News

1933: Football at the Depth of the Great Depression (Hard Cover, Autographed Edition) In 1933, author Mark C. Bodanza examines the important role football played in the midst of the nation’s historic crisis. Bodanza recounts this dramatic year both on and off the field of the professional and college gridirons and analyzes it in the context of the times. He tells the story of a momentous season shared by the high schools of Fitchburg and Leominster, Massachusetts, a rivalry dating back to 1894. In the prior thirty-nine seasons, the teams had played each other forty-nine times. But, 1933 was different; the game had never had such significance. More than ever, Depression-wary Americans needed a reprieve from their cares and concerns. Football provided a welcome relief. Including period photos, 1933 narrates how the sport of football-which has created some of the nation’s most magical moments in sports-was impacted by the Great Depression in a variety of ways, some with lasting consequences. Order your autographed copy today! BUY NOW...

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A Game That Forged Rivals (Hard Cover)

Posted on Sep 30, 2009 in News

A Game That Forged Rivals: How Competition between Two New England High Schools Created One of the Greatest Traditions in Football (Hard Cover, Autographed Edition) In A Game That Forged Rivals, author and historian Mark Bodanza captures the human drama of one of the nation’s oldest football rivalries; the high schools of Leominster and Fitchburg have met on the gridiron for 114 years. This long-standing competition has weathered many challenges, including major developments in the sport, wars, economic turmoil, an epidemic, and technological and social change not imagined when the teams first met in 1894. Through all the years and contests, thousands of athletes have competed for pride and a belief that this game was the pinnacle of their football days. A Game That Forged Rivals shares the stories, dramatic clashes, and challenges that tested these young men both on and off the field. Compiled from newspaper articles, school yearbooks, game programs, eyewitness accounts, letters, photos, and archival records, A Game That Forged Rivals not only chronicles the development of football from its earliest days, but also tells the story of two communities that saw, in football, a way to grasp civic pride. Order your Autographed Copy today! BUY NOW...

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