Johnny Appleseed

He blurred the lines between man and myth better than just about anyone. John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, may be one of the most enigmatic figures in American history. His story drifts freely from hard facts to long cherished folklore. Just who was this man?

Born in Leominster, Massachusetts on the eve of the American Revolution, he was a man who heeded the westward call of the frontier, something that fit particularly well with a personality often described as a bit quirky. Exceedingly aware of how he impacted his surroundings, he was minimalist long before that word was in the common parlance. He set about the frontier on a mission that not only included propagating apple seedlings but also spreading deep seated religious beliefs along and his mindful way of life. His odd behaviors attracted the attention of his contemporaries and generations yet to come.  A more thoughtful examination of the man reveals a rich texture meriting the celebratory folklore and much more. Johnny Appleseed speaks to us today as much as he did the American pioneers he walked among.

Johnny Appleseed – The Man Behind the Folklore
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