How Lou Little Helped Shape College Football

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Nearly a century ago, from humble beginnings in Boston and Leominster, Massachusetts, Lou Little began his college football coaching career at Georgetown University. Six years later, after rebuilding the Hoyas’ football program to prominence, he began a legendary coaching career at Columbia University. His tenure there lasted twenty-six years.

In today’s college football circles, Little is not as well-known as some of the luminaries of his day. Frank Leahy, Pop Warner, Fielding Yost, and Alonzo Stag may all be more recognizable figures today, but Little’s contributions to the development and promotion of college football are no less significant.

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In the years after World War II, Little could have taken his talents to many a Division One college football program or a professional team. However, his loyalty to his friend, Columbia’s newly installed president, General Dwight David Eisenhower, kept Little at Morningside Heights. The future president of the United States once said:

Probably no one here knows I coached a football team—a service team—playing against Georgetown. I think it was in the fall of 1924. Lou Little was your coach, and he beat us. But it was a very happy circumstance, because it brought me the friendship of another man. Lou Little to this day remains my very warm associate and friend.

General Dwight David Eisenhower

Any lover of college football, or football in general, should know the story of College Football Hall of Fame Coach Lou Little.